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More than 44 school districts from eastern Wisconsin use Ledge View Nature Center for hands-on/minds-on outdoor and environmental education!
Schools and groups can choose to use the park on their own, or reserve a fee program led by nature center staff.
Lower elementary programs are offered on animals and nature awareness.
Kids in grade 3 and up can learn weird winter ecology on traditional wood-framed snowshoes or on boot hikes in January and February.
They can get an integrated experience in the March maple syruping program's botany, history, and basic carbohydrate chemistry. They help choose a maple to tap, and participate in tapping and sap collection.
Ledge View is a good place to learn some sedimentary geology and fossil history in the Silurian Niagara dolostone.
The most popular program by far is Ledge View's caving, April through November, for grades 3 and up.
 Youngsters crawl through "Kids' Passage" in Carolyn's Caverns.


High school students challenge themselves in Mother's Cave.