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 Ledge View has natural solution caves
in Silurian dolostone, regularly 
swabbed out by visitors on
guided tours.
Visitors on public and private cave tours learn about Wisconsin's sedimentary geology
 and cave biology. 
(They also tend to get a little dirty.)
"Oh my gosh, would I have to crawl?"
Nope. You could walk through the cave and use the ladders instead of the connecting passages. 
Are you sure you want to do that, though?
Crawling is a LOT more fun!
"How dark is it in there?"
Our eyes adjust to the relative darkness pretty well. But you're never far from an open door in our caves, and a lot of natural light falls in. It's a good idea to bring a flashlight anyway, though, because the floors are natural and uneven. Definitely bring a flashlight if you'd like to explore passages.
"How do we visit the caves?"
You call: 920-849-7094. Public tours are held on weekends and some weekdays through summer. Tour size is limited; to insure your spot on a tour, reservations are recommended. You have to be on a tour to visit the caves.
Schools and other groups are welcome! Weekday reservations for 12 or more people receive a discounted rate.

"What can we expect on a tour?"

Ledge View is part of the Calumet County Parks Dept. Click here for tour details.

"Swabbed out?"
Yes. The caves are naturally dark, damp, and dirty. Though it IS possible to stay clean, why would you want to? It's more fun just getting dirty.  Wear old clothes and layers to stay warm. Cave temperatures range from the 40s in spring to the mid-60s in summer. Sometimes there are puddles. Don't forget your flashlight!
"Is there a minimum age requirement?"
Our recommended minimum age for public tours of Carolyn's Caverns is five years old with parent. Children need to be able to use stairs and ladders safely, listen to and follow instructions, and behave in a safe way inside the cave. For schools the tour works well with grade 3 and up.