Maple Syrup Sunday

Stack of pancakes with maple syrup on them

Sun. March 19th, 9am-3pm

Ages 12 years and older: $10 per person
Ages 5-11 years old: $5 per person
Ages 4 and younger: FREE

Bring your family out to celebrate the spring syruping season! 

Enjoy a pancake breakfast with maple syrup that is made right here at the nature center. Afterwards, take a free tour to learn about why we can make syrup in spring. Follow a naturalist into the woods to help identify a maple tree, then drill a hole so that we can collect some sap. See how the sap is cooked down into delicious maple syrup!

Sugar bush tours leaving every 30 minutes

* Free shuttle bus (see information below)

Purchase online tickets here!

For those unable to use our online reservation format, please call the nature center or main parks office to speak with staff. There will be an additional staff member available on Monday, March 13th from 12:00-4:00pm.   * Breakfast includes, pancakes with maple syrup, ham, applesauce and beverage.

This event is a fundraiser for the Friends of Ledge View Nature Center (FLVNC). The FLVNC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit supporting park programs, beautification and exhibits.

free shuttle poster for Maple Syrup Sunday showing a bus with children on it.

Free Shuttle Bus to Maple Syrup Sunday!

Parking in the nature center lot is only for vehicles displaying handicap stickers.

Because parking at the nature center is limited we are asking that guests without a handicap sticker please use the shuttle to help those who are mobility impaired.

Bus leaves every 15 minutes between 8:30 and 3pm.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation!

Please call the nature center if you have any questions. Ph 920 849 1471

Maple Syrup will be available for purchase on Maple Syrup Sunday!

Freshly made right here at the nature center.


$10/12oz bottle

A large rectangular pan of boiling maple syrup.