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W2348 Short Road

Chilton, WI 53014

The building is open from 8 am - 4:30 pm seven days a week, except holidays. 

The trails are open from dawn to dusk.

There is no fee to hike the trails or walk through the nature center. 

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TEL: 920-849-1471

E-MAIL: Ledgeview@calumetcounty.org

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Caves are CLOSED for the season

Minors must be accompanied by  a supervising adult on all  tours.

Please call to make a RESERVATION for the cave tours. 

Dates are subject to change!!

The only access to the caves is on a naturalist-guided tour during a scheduled visit. Cave tours include information on the geology, biology, and human history of the caves.  

Bring a flashlight as there are no lights in the cave otherwise.

The caves are cool, around 58 degrees Fahrenheit, we recommend long sleeves; sweatshirts or coat, pants; not shorts, and close-toed shoes; not sandals. 

Our caves are wet, which means there are mud puddles and you will at least get your shoes wet and dirty.  If you plan to crawl you will get even dirtier. 

Tours generally can take anywhere from 1-1/2 hours to 2-1/2 hours. 

Walk-In Tour

Carolyn's Cavern

Walking tour, optional crawling , need to be able to go up and down ladders.

Required minimum age is 5 years old with an adult. 

$8 per person. Tour begins at 1 pm.

Please call to reserve your spot!


Adventure Cave Tour

Carolyn's & Mother's Cave 

Mother's Cave is all crawling and physically challenging, you will need to fit through a box in the nature center to test the size of parts of the cave.

Required minimum age is 10 years old with an adult.

$10 per person. Tour begins at 9 am.

Please call to reserve your spot!