Illicit Discharge

The Illicit Discharge, Detection, and Elimination (IDDE) Program identifies and removes illicit connections and discharges from the Multiple Storm Sewer System, which includes road ditches and storm sewers in Calumet County. Public participation is vital to the county’s illicit discharge program in detecting and reporting illegal and unusual discharges and spills to road ditches and storm sewers. View the Illicit Discharge Manual (PDF) or Chapter 18 of the Code of Ordinances (PDF).

Report a Discharge or Spill

If you observe a suspicious discharge or spill, please report it immediately by calling 920-849-1473. If the spill is on a road or highway and may be a threat to public safety, please also call the Sheriff’s Department.

Some examples of illicit discharges include septic system discharges, clothes washer discharges, wash water from residential car washes, leaky dumpsters, or dumping of oil.