What Can I Do?

Prevent the spread of invasive species. For aquatic invasive species, there are a few simple steps. Inspect your equipment, remove any attached aquatic plants or animals, drain all water from equipment including live wells and buckets or containers of fish, don't move live fish or plants away from a waterbody and only buy minnows from a Wisconsin bait dealer. For additional tips on cleaning equipment visit the Protect Your Waters website or the Clean Boats, Clean Waters website.

To prevent spreading terrestrial invasive species, the tips are similar. Clean all your gear before entering any habitat, clean all your gear before you leave. This includes everything from removing seeds and berries from your shoes and socks to cleaning the tires and undercarriage of your ATV. Do not move plant or animal material from one location to another.

For additional best management practices to prevent the spread of invasive species for recreational forest users, or forest and utility rights of way managers, visit the Wisconsin Council on Forestry website.