MABAS Division 122 (Calumet County)

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Map of current MABAS-WI Divisions

MABAS-WI Division 122 is comprised of all fire departments within the Calumet County geographic area and is administered by the Calumet County Fire Chief’s Association.

Member Departments (links to department websites-will open in new window): 

Brillion Fire Department
Chilton Fire Department
Forest Junction Fire Department
Harrison Fire & Rescue
Hilbert Fire Department
New Holstein Fire Department
Potter Fire Department
St. Anna Fire Department
Stockbridge Fire Department

Calumet County Fire Chiefs Association By Laws 1980-06-07 (PDF) (PDF)

MABAS-WI Division 122 Boxcards 

Department NameDate Boxcards UpdatedService Area Map & Boxcard File
Brillion Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2023Brillion Boxcards (PDF)
Chilton Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2023
Chilton Boxcards (PDF)
Forest Junction Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2023Forest Junction Boxcards (PDF)
Harrison Fire & RescueMarch 1, 2021
Harrison Boxcards (PDF)
Hilbert Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2022
New Holstein Fire & RescueMarch 1, 2023
New Holstein Boxcards (PDF)
Potter Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2023
Potter Boxcards (PDF)
St. Anna Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2023
St. Anna Boxcards (PDF)
Stockbridge Fire DepartmentMarch 1, 2023
Stockbridge Boxcards (PDF)
MABAS Division 122 (Calumet County)January 1, 2016MABAS-WI Div 122 Inter-Division Boxcards (PDF)

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