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NR 151 Targeted Performance Standards for Silurian Bedrock Formations

Effective July 1, 2018, these targeted performance standards establish manure spreading restrictions in areas of the county with shallow soils (0 to 20 feet of soil overlaying bedrock) and identified karst features. For more information on the targeted standards, please contact Amanda Kleiber.

Karst Mapping Resources

According to NR 151.075(6) - Manure may not be mechanically applied on croplands or pastures where the Silurian bedrock soil depth is less than 5 feet until such fields are evaluated and ranked for risk of pathogen delivery to groundwater. Areas determined to have a high risk for pathogen delivery to groundwater must be avoided or must be the lowest priority for manure application.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and DATCP are currently working on guidance on verifying depth to bedrock. Guidance and recommended tools will be posted as they become available. Please contact the LWCD for questions and assistance on verifying depth to bedrock or other karst features.

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Additional Resources and Information on Groundwater Issues in Karst Areas