Events Schedule

Registration is required prior to events. There is no cost to register, and events are free to Calumet County residents. Event registration can be found below the list of event dates. If you are unable to register online -- or have questions -- please call 920-849-1442.

What to Expect After You Register

After you register for one of the household hazardous waste events, you will receive a confirmation email or phone call approximately one week before your scheduled event. This confirmation is not only a reminder for you about the upcoming event, but also an opportunity to ask any last minute questions.

On the day of the event, please plan to arrive within 5 to 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment. Appointments are scheduled in 15 minute blocks with approximately 5 participants scheduled per block. Arriving during your scheduled time will not only decrease your wait time, but also help increase the efficiency of the event.

Day of Event

When you arrive at the event, there will be signs and traffic cones to help direct you to the drop off zone. When you pull up, some one volunteering at the event will approach your vehicle to confirm that you are registered, and to answer any questions that you might have.When it is your turn to unload, someone will motion you forward into the unloading zone. You can remain in your vehicle, as our volunteers will quickly unload your vehicle for you. When your contents have been removed our staff will notify you, and you will be free to go on your way.