Burial Flag & Military Honors

Burial flags to honor Veterans and Reservists

The VA provides a United States flag to drape on a casket (or coffin) or place with an urn in honor of the military service of a Veteran or Reservist. 

Eligibility for a burial flag

You may be eligible for a burial flag if you’re the next of kin or a close friend of the Veteran or Reservist and one of these descriptions are true for that person.

One of these must describe the service of the Veteran or Reservist:

  • They served in wartime, or
  • They died while serving on active duty after May 27, 1941, or
  • They served after January 31, 1955, or
  • They served in peacetime and left military service before June 27, 1950, after serving at least 1 enlistment, or because of a disability that was caused—or made worse—by their active military service, or
  • They served in the Selected Reserves (in certain cases), or served in the military forces of the Philippines while in service of the United States and died on or after April 25, 1951. 

Military Funeral Honors Program