Property Tax Payment Information

Real Property and Personal Property Tax Payment

The township, village, cities (known as local) treasurers mail the real and personal property tax bills in early-mid December each year.

Personal Property taxes are paid to the local treasurer in full by January 31 of that year. Unless the installment option is indicated on the tax bill.

There are two options for paying real property (real estate) taxes:

  1. If you choose to pay your taxes in full, payment is due by January 31 to the local treasurer.
  2. If you choose to pay your taxes in two installments (tax bills in excess of $100), the first installment is due to your local treasurer by January 31, and the 2nd installment is due to the Calumet County Treasurer by July 31. If either installment is late, the tax becomes delinquent and interest and penalty are charged at a rate of 1.5% per month as of February 1.
    1. Payments that are mailed: must be postmarked no later than the payment due date. Payments that are hand delivered must be to the proper treasurer by the due date.

All delinquent real property taxes must be paid to the Calumet County Treasurer. All delinquent personal property taxes are paid to the local treasurer. Delinquent tax notices are mailed in February and August of each year.

5 Day Grace Period Explanation for Tax Bill

The "5 day Grace Period" allows for payments to be considered timely if received "in hand" in the Calumet County Treasurer's Office by 4:30 am Friday, February 7, 2020.

Did you forget to pay your 1st installment by January 31, 2019? Are you worried your payment will not be post-marked until after the due date? Legislation was changed in 2010 to Wisconsin Statute 74.69 to allow a five business day grace period for real estate tax bills for both the first and second installment payments.

What does this mean?

According to the legislation, the due dates of January 31 and July 31 have not changed, however, as long as the payment is received in hand by the County Treasurer, the payment shall be considered timely.

Here are examples of payment dates:

  • Payment is post-marked February 6, 2020 and received by County Treasurer February 7, 2020. This payment is timely.
  • Payment is post-marked February 6, 2020 and received by County Treasurer February 9, 2020. This payment is delinquent and subject to statutory Interest and penalty charges.
  • You forget to pay your taxes until February 7, 2020. At this time, you drop off your payment at County Treasurer's office by 4:30 p.m. Friday February 7, 2020 and your payment is considered timely.

Please contact County Treasurer's office at (920) 849-1457 with questions.