Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Unit serves Calumet County residents with mental health needs, alcohol or other drug abuse addictions, or experiencing a mental health crisis situation. The unit serves clients across the age span and with varying mental health issues and diagnoses.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) / Mental Health Crisis Services

Calumet County Department of Health and Human Services (CCDHHS) is HFS 34, Level III-Certified as an Emergency Mental Health Service Program. Licensed therapists and other mental health professionals provide crisis intervention services 24 hours a day. Persons experiencing a crisis situation after hours should call 920-849-9317 (Chilton) or 920-832-4646 (Appleton).

AODA Services

CCDHHS is responsible for doing all assessments of Calumet County residents convicted of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI) violations. This department provides AODA assessments, referrals, and the initial payment of services for individuals in hospital inpatient programs, halfway houses, and intensive outpatient programs. Individuals and/or their families are responsible for payment of services either through insurance, medical assistance, or on an ability-to-pay basis.  Wisconsin programs receiving Substance Abuse Block Grant funds must publicize the following order of preference for receiving services: Pregnant women who inject drugs first, other pregnant women second; other persons who inject drugs third; and all other individuals fourth.  

Juvenile Alcohol Drinking Diversion Education (Teen Intervene)

The Calumet County Underage Drinking Diversion Program was developed to provide an optional educational program for those under the age of 21 who have been arrested for underage alcohol consumption. The purpose of the Teen Intervene program is to give the offender an opportunity to take a hard look at their behavior in terms of alcohol and drug usage.

View: Teen Intervene Brochure (PDF)

Community Support Program

The Community Support Program offers coordinated care and treatment for adults with severe and persistent mental illness in the community. A range of treatment, rehabilitation, and support services are provided through an identified treatment team to ensure ongoing therapeutic involvement, individualized treatment, rehabilitation, and support services.

Comprehensive Community Services

The Comprehensive Community Service Program offers individuals of all ages with mental health and/or substance abuse issues the service provision to allow for support and recovery in the community. The program focuses on the recovery of persons with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders through a comprehensive recovery model that is flexible, personally directed, and outcome-based.

Possible service options in both the Community Support Program and comprehensive community services include:

  • AODA Services
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Counseling / Therapy
  • Crisis Management
  • Health Monitoring
  • Illness Education / Management
  • Life Skills Training
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Recovery Education
  • Service Facilitation
  • Symptom Management


Eligibility for both the Community Support Program and comprehensive community services are based on one's desire to be involved in the program and the need for Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services as determined by a screen/assessment.

Mental Health Services

Mental health staff provide outpatient psychotherapy, psychiatric, and case management services to individuals with mental health needs. The focus is on serving Calumet County residents that have limited or no resources for mental health services because of a lack of available insurance benefits or that have insurance coverage through Medicare and Title XIX fee for service medical assistance.