Coordinated Services Team

The Department of Human Services offers an approach to respond to families with multiple complex needs. The family and others, who are involved in supporting the family, identify needs and develop a plan together to address the needs in the least restrictive manner utilizing community resources.

Day Care

Daycare subsidies may be provided where abuse and neglect are a factor or to parents/families under stress in order to prevent out-of-home placements. In addition, the Department of Human Services is also responsible for certifying in-home, child daycare providers.

View Steps to Becoming a Calumet County Child Care Provider brochure (PDF)

Foster & Alternate Care Placements

Calumet County Department of Human Services and Outagamie County Human Services operate a consolidated program for developing, licensing and training foster homes. Alternate Care placements are used in circumstances where the safety of a child or the community is a factor.

Juvenile & Adolescent Services

Children in need of protection; or experiencing difficulty with the law and their families are eligible for services through the Calumet County Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of Juvenile Court is to protect the community, improve accountability and equip juveniles with competencies to live responsibly and productively.

The Department provides Juvenile Court Intake Assessments. After a thorough family assessment and determination of needs, recommendations can be made for services. These recommendations can be provided and carried out informally or through formal court intervention. Services might include individual/family counseling, parenting education, referrals to community resources, restitution and/or community service as appropriate.

The Department’s Family Services Unit also intervenes with families experiencing ongoing abuse/neglect concerns. Those interventions may be voluntary or by order of the court.

Domestic Abuse
The Department of Human Services provides counseling and referral resources for victims and perpetrators of all types of domestic abuse. Shelter in Domestic Abuse Shelters is also available and the Department will assist with arrangements for obtaining shelter.

Adoption Studies
Adoption studies are performed for the Court when stepparents are seeking to adopt their stepchildren.